WZ512 Toys Patterns
Vintage Knit and Crochet PDF 00512


KNITTING and CROCHET :- three very quirky toys, helpfully displayed on a retro tinsel Christmas tree-so there it is ... the “make these for Christmas” hint we were all waiting for!

The frog and doll are knitted and the donkey is made in simple crochet.

The rustic farmer doll is a great leggy shape. The sunhat and dungarees are rather outdated styling (but it is not quite the poor old offensive golly so frowned upon nowadays. The donkey would actually work as a little sausage doggie too (maybe change the ears a bit).

I cannot find much charm in the frog –which looks quite a bit more  hippo-esque in shape-to me...

But then it might be just the thing you are looking for...or maybe if you need a hippo instead...