WZ506 Three Teddy Bears
Toy Knitting PDF Pattern 00506

£ 2.00

KNITTING: There are three different sized vintage toy zombie bears and their clothes to knit from this vintage pattern PDF.

Oh - did I say zombie... sorry, I meant cute, retro...

...Well they WILL be cute if you take more care where you place the eyes (my cropped image is the after” version!! Much friendlier looking.)

The original also looks to me as though Daddy bear has an “I am really a doggie” identity crisis long overdue, with that nose and those ears... (again see my altered image for TEDDY shaped noses!)

So, looks like you could easily adapt the pattern into a cute doggie family of creatures.

Meanwhile how about knitting the set of bears for a more cheerful  story. (So they don’t stay sitting out in the woods all forlorn and zombified; although who can blame them when it looks like Goldilocks took the WHOLE HOUSE this time !) Surly even bears don’t take bowls of porridge on a picnic... or do they?

Only kidding - this is a nice little vintage toy teddy bear pattern that includes all 3 sizes of bear and clothing as pictured.

Daddy bear is about 15 inches high takes 5oz (approx 150gm)


Mummy is about 12 inches, takes 3oz (just under 100g), Baby comes in around 9 inches, takes 2oz (just over 50g).