WZ505 Cat Bath Mat and Slippers
Vintage Knit Pattern PDF 00505


KNITTING: A knitting pattern for an unusual “bazaar” set of a splendid toy cat, slippers and a bathmat with a cat motif! As a child’s bedroom set they would be charming- although I am not sure about them in the bathroom t!

The unusual toy cat is made in a standing shape more like a vintage sewn toy. It would be easy to adapt as a dog or fox toy with a little imagination. (I am going to ignore the random, bright red, colouring... I guess there is nothing so stylish like having your cat co-ordinated to the bathmat!)

The cute woolly slippers, or bootees, are trimmed with a madly chunky cord - but again they are a great shape even without that.

The image on the mat would make fabulous cushions. There are lots with dachshunds on now (sometimes even in 2 halves over 2 cushions!) so this would be a great interpretation if you prefer cats!