WZ504 Bunny Rabbit
Vintage Sewing Pattern 00504

£ 2.00

SEWING: A dear little bunny rabbit toy from a vintage seventies pattern published in a Golden Hands monthly magazine.

This sweet little rabbit is very easy to make; it is basically flat and therefore no fiddly bits to put together. The features are embroidered so this is extra safe for small ones.

It is shown here made in towelling, which gives a charming effect but all sorts of fabric could be used depending on the effect you would like. Perfect for a cot or crib toy, and toddlers who like to chew things.

The pattern is in the form of a grid which can be enlarged; however I have already enlarged it for an instantly printable A4 page which will make a toy approx. 7inches tall…

Why not make a whole bunch of them for baby’s room bunting, Easter decorations... or an Easter hunt …