WZ503 Knitted Giraffe
Vintage Pattern PDF 00503

£ 2.00

KNITTING:  A very old pattern for a traditional knitted giraffe toy. These were and still are a popular choice of characters for children’s toys. This one comes from a “Gifts you can make yourself” Odhams press.

This lovely character has a nice shape, slightly less chunky then some other vintage patterns for giraffes and not too large at approx. 12 inches (30cm). However the lanky shape is not without its issues. If you make this to be played with you will probably have to be satisfied with one that will not stand for long unaided... but he will still be lovely!

He is knitted all in tight garter stitch with embroidered markings; so not too difficult to knit (although care needs to be taken with sewing and stuffing).

He is well worth the effort.