WZ502 Toy Pixie Elf Puck Imp Gnome Dude
Vintage Knitting Pattern PDF 00502

£ 2.00


KNITTING: This is a very sweet, very vintage knitting pattern for “Puck”-the traditional little imp - or pixie of Shakespearian fame in twelfth night.

“Imp” is a term now a little out of date ( viz. Enid Blyton stories..) and he does not look anything like a fairy as we know them today ( not enough frills!)... so I guess pixie or elf would be your best choice... or maybe gnome?

I am not sure why the toy designer decided on this name as I doubt Titania would have recognised this likeness and  Puck is not a character I would have said ideal for a toddler’s companion... the name alone is an potential  linguistic bomb today!!

So- maybe just “dude” would do-or “monster”- the 21st century catchall name for all sorts of otherworld little guys.

But he is cute – and undoubtedly “cosy and soft” as described.

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