WZ00501 Hand or Glove Puppets and Sweater
PDF Knitting & Crochet Pattern 00501


CROCHET & KNITTING:  Fab crochet jungle puppets to crochet and a knitted brioche rib sweater.

Four quick and easy jungle glove puppets to whip up with crochet. A zebra, lion, tiger and a snake (which maybe also good as a crocodile ! ) are included. There are detailed diagrams for embroidering the features included ( which is great as they are especially good faces ) !

You can use the basic shapes for your own adaptations; I have seen some wonderful and colourful creature variations! I also include a photo instruction of my own once requested for some slightly trickier bits.

Oh - and the knitted jumper is included; you probably won’t need it unless you have a little “80’s wannabe” around - but it is a nice easy and comfy jumper!