WZ424 Elf and Clown Dolls
Vintage Toys Knitting Pattern 00424

£ 2.00

KNITTING : A knitting pattern from an old magazine, for a charming doll dressed as an elf  (note the  fab little shoes!) and also for a clown pattern. Both are about 20inches (50cm) high.

The doll’s clothes are knitted as part of her structure; but you could make her in skin tone and add clothing. (Use the doll pattern but add a couple of stitches each side for seaming and ease ! ) However those lovely shoes are separate pieces !

The clown is filled through the top of his head (ouch!) but you may prefer to leave a side open and fill from there as it may be easier.


As it is from an Autumn magazine there was an apple cake recipe on the same page; so I have included it in case you bake as well as knit LOL. They were keen for you to start knitting these in time for Christmas;  so maybe the cake was to keep you going J