WZ346 Toys Rabbit, Duck and Penguin
Vintage Knitting Pattern PDF 00346


KNITTING: A very charming set of 3 toys to knit, from a “Bestway” pre WW2 Pattern, namely Raymond Rabbit, Douglas Duck and Percy Penguin. Apart from “Percy Penguin”,  who is using his generic flock identity of Percy (the other flock were all Peter; surely other names beginning with “P” must be available for penguins preferring a little alliteration…)…. the others have slightly more individual names - of the time!

(But did they have no imagination in those days-it was always the rabbit, chick, duck and penguin toys to knit!).
However, it is  really delightful little pattern, and nice to work. The toys are made in 4ply (fingering), but you could use thicker yarn-they will just come up bigger.
The pattern is a kind of “stream of consciousness“ set of instructions – not really row by row like today’s; but surprisingly easy to work with. It is like having Aunty by your side... “Now make the paws”....
NB. My original pattern is yellowed, with quite small font. So I have worked on the original scans to give more knitter friendly and whiter pages- and a slightly enlarged font size for ease of use,  but the instructions are otherwise exactly as given originally.