WZ138 Retro Knitted Toy Tiger
Vintage Pattern PDF 00138

£ 2.00

KNITTING: This is pattern for an unusual but easy and very cute ( 20 cm approx.) little Tiger toy to knit.

This little chap is an early amigurumi style knitted toy; the pattern was written for a cereal packet giveaway promotion of an advertising campaign character (Kellogg’s Tony Tiger). The pattern was created by Patons and Baldwin wool manufacturers, just outside London, and the nearest I can date him (by both company’s history and the graphics style) is late 1950s, possibly early sixties. The original tiger character was drawn by Martin and Alice Provensen and this toy is closer to their version than later tiger toys.

 So now you can recreate your very own authentic 50s “Tony Tiger” toy. He’s been waiting all that time for you to make him- or your own version of a tiger!

 Please note; this is a pattern taken from a piece of an old cornflakes cereal box I have and is not a piece of ephemera for sale or an actual vintage toy or anything to do with the current company products.