WZ036 Flippity Flops Bunny Rabbit Bunnies
Vintage Knitting Pattern 00036

£ 2.00

KNITTING:: A bunny family with an unusual and very pleasant retro look to them which makes a nice change from all the other bunnies out there at the moment.

Their clothes are “knitted on” but you could quite easily knit them bare and items of clothing. Use the pattern for the clothes and just allow a stitch or two for seams (and dressing ease).

Interestingly, the features are knitted as you go in an intarsia or fairisle technique. You could skip this and embroider them afterwards but it does give a nice effect, especially as they are such pleasant faces with their sideways glancing eyes. Sometimes vintage knit bunnies are quite unpleasantly fierce or cross-eyed in expression. However you need to keep a very even tension with this, or you do get the slightly puckered effect you can see here.

They do look amused- especially mum… someone had fun with this photo shoot!