WZ022 Dog Elephant & Panda Toys
Vintage Knitting PDF Pattern 00022


KNITTED:  Three very retro looking cuddly knitted toys to make.

 A rather erudite elephant, a dashing doggie with his smart coat, and a shy prone panda!

These are very simple to knit, all in garter stitch (every row knitted, no purl rows) with only a minimum of shaping.  Garter stitch is very stretchy so the needle size is quite large (although normal for the wool type); it would be better to use smaller needles to help minimise distortion as you fill. Also, you need to put the stuffing in a little at a time to gradually shape the toy as you go as.

Otherwise 3 lovely retro toys to knit which only use small amounts of yarn.

You will of course give your own characters to those you make...or maybe a surprise personality will turn up... looks like this is what happened here. LOL


No size, or tension is given but elephant body and legs are about 70 rows of garter stitch. I would suggest knitting on smaller needles than you normally would choose for your yarn, as the knit fabric will stretch when stuffed, and you don’t want the filling to show through.