WZ681 Crochet Motif on Gingham Cushion
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00681

£ 2.00

CROCHET:  A pattern for a set of beautiful crochet motifs for embellishing cushions, pillows, or indeed any project you would like to. There are 4 separate motifs in total, as well as instructions for sewing the cushions (pillows) shown.

Setting them on the gingham background a gives retro look, similar in effect to the “chicken scratch” embroidery technique. However they can look modern too –depending on colour choices of the thread and background. Subtle colours on linen cloth would look beautiful!

You could also crochet the motifs in wool or yarn instead of the crochet cotton depicted; then they would make into a lovely afghan blanket, scarf, shawl etc.


Included in the set is a classic Irish crochet rose motif; useful on its own for all sorts of projects from cushions to corsages (see my WZ299 blanket and cushion pattern for another one).