WZ247 Chevron ZigZag Cushion
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00247

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CROCHET: A vintage pattern for this fab chevron or ripple crochet cushion (pillow) from the seventies; and in my version I include a crochet button pattern tutorial.

This looks complex but is crocheted flat-so it is not difficult. These cushions were very popular in the seventies and have made a comeback recently.

There are a few versions; this one is from the good old “Golden Hands” compendium! It has a button one side and a huge pompom on the other!

If you fancy trying the popular chevron or ripple patterning –but can’t face the lo-o-o-o-ng rows of an afghan...

     ...than this is the one for you!

A great project and it is lovely and squishy and comfy as well.

 (Also very good for stash busting.)

*Please note the pattern for the button is not actually part of this pattern -just referred to in the instructions. However I have also included some tutorial pages for crochet buttons with the reworked cushion pages!