WZ225 Butterfly Cushion and Patchwork Pillow
Vintage Crochet & Knitting Pattern PDF 00225

£ 2.00

This pattern has two cushions (pillows) to make, one crocheted and one knitted...

CROCHET: There is an unusual crocheted butterfly cushion, or pillow. It is not difficult to make but looks very eye catching and is sure to appeal to any little girl who likes butterflies. Make it in pastels or dolly pinks and purples for a girly boudoir or brights for a retro look. The back is made from fabric, cut out around the finished crochet shape. (You could crochet a duplicate back if preferred.)


KNITTING: The patchwork cushion/pillow is made in 3 textured strips which are crocheted together and it has a crocheted back- but you could sew them together and knit the back instead if you prefer; or even sew the patchwork to a cushion pad once it is finished.