WZ201 Granny Square Pillows or Cushions
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00201


CROCHET: Classic granny square crocheting - but bigger! Full on 1970 home decor - right back in fashion!

If you like the idea of granny square crochet - but don’t need or want a huge blanket project - here is the ideal thing.

You can practise going around - and needn’t stop after a few rounds because here is what to do with those large squares... make some groovy interior design masterpieces!

This is a variation on the plain “granny” but still very easy to do. However the original book with this design has lots of errors. So I have checked/corrected /rewritten it row by row…and also made a step-by-step photo tutorial for you to follow.

So now my version is good even for a complete beginner and I will help by email if you get stuck.

Red cushion (pillow) takes equivalent of 7 x 4oz skeins of red heart yarn and a size H hook


Green cushion (pillow) takes equivalent of 5 x 4oz skeins of red heart yarn and a size H hook