WZ144 Two Modular Afghan Rugs
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00144

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Easy Blankets one in Crochet, and one Knitted.

CROCHET: These pretty hexagon motifs (worked in rounds) are similar to the popular “paperweight” or “African flower” motif (I will pop that one in for you free as well). The colour choice illustrated is a little unattractive, to say the least! However they can be made in different colours (obviously); especially if you wish to use up oddments and scraps.

KNITTING: The knitted blanket looks like it is knitted in squares; but it is actually made of striped strips joined so the stripes look like squares. With some simple “yarn over” basic lace stitches  (ie holes!)


These are good portable projects, as they are worked as individual motifs and strips-and sewn up later. A step up, or just a little more complex and interesting than a basic crochet granny square or a plain knit square.