WZ015 three Tea Cosies
Vintage Knitting Pattern PDF 00015


KNITTING: A quirky set of tea cosies to knit from this 1930s vintage “Bestway” pattern. 

The “Multicoloured Cosy” is an easy form of slip stitch knitting designed for economy and using oddments. 

For more formal occasions-the fluted and frilled “Bell Cosy” has layers of bell shapes –excellent for insulation –and showing off knitting skills!

The tall coffee pot cosy has the traditional deep pleated ribs-with quite a nifty method for putting a head on top of a cosy, without using a doll (doll cosies were a popular idea). It is an ethnic head-make what you want!

(Please note; as it is considered offensive by some nowadays, I have removed the original wording and replaced the now non PC word with “coffee”.)  “Gay” I have left-we all know the old and modern definitions and neither is offensive. 

.I have added pages with each cozy on its own page for easier printing. ( I hate patterns running over the page as I knit!)

Amounts vary from “4 balls of 3/4oz each”, “several small balls” and “1and 1/4oz, plus a few yards of each colour; 19 were used”- not sure if that is 19 yards or 19 colours (gay indeed)!

The pattern recommends small needles and fine wool- but thicker yarn and needles would give a larger one.