WZB048 Babies Bunting cocoon or Sleeping Bags
Vintage Knit Pattern PDF B0048


KNITTING:  A knitting pattern for a really cute and useful baby item; a retro 1977 knitting pattern- but still a really good baby item to have now.

It is  a little out of the ordinary,  great for a new baby gift that will last longer than tiny clothing and with no need for a specific “fit”! Fab if the baby lives in a cold climate, or is a real kicker!

The highly textures knit stitches make for lots of warmth/insulation- but plenty of room for movement and air circulation inside the “bag”. They are good option for travelling with baby - who needs a lot of bed linen anyway!

These two little characters look very cosy in their cocoons; the yellow one is like a little chick with a hood and loop stitch texture!


(The texture of the sleeveless orangey bunting reminds me of traditional (British dimpled glass beer mug... so you might want to avoid that colour!)