WZ648 Childs Pumpkin or Petal Hat and Scarf set
Vintage Knitting Pattern PDF 00648

£ 2.00

KNITTED: This is an adorable, really cute set consisting of a of hat, scarf and mitts, knitted in fluffy angora ( Paton’s “Fuzzy Wuzzy”) and shaped like petals. (Make it in orange tones for a perfect pumpkin or autumn theme.)  It resembles the case of a beech nut (a “beech mast”) too, or maybe an acorn - although I suspect not many little girls would want I, if it was made as a brown hat!

The “cravat” is actually an unusual short scarf with petal ends... and the mitts have the diamond shape lace pattern too.

Unfortunately the original image is poor - but the effect is charming when done. I have some vintage Fuzzy Wuzzy Angora and it is super soft; such a luxury yarn but a little project like this was perfect for it as each item needed just one small ball. You can still find it online occasionally, but modern substitutes can be found...

 I have reformatted this pattern from small vintage pages so each item prints to just one page – but I have included the original pages as they are too as the vintage-ness of it is very appealing...