WZ473 Join as you go Baby Blanket and Shawl
Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 00473


CROCHET: : A stylish pattern for a beautiful flower motif blanket or shawl. This lovely blanket is made with 2 motifs; with the second one infilling between the main flowers. The main motif, an octagonal flower, has popped up again a lot recently, usually as coasters or in garlands. It is made in the join as you go method, fully explained for this specific motif, although they could be made separately and joined by sewing or another simple crochet round if you prefer. It is also very easy to set it into a square; again seen around online images. I am happy to help with these variations but the traditional look of the shawl and blanket are lovely as they are.

Fine wool was used but I have also used standard DK (light worsted) and this is explained in the pattern notes.

 This from a vintage, very old newsprint, pattern; but I have made and photographed new samples and reformatted the text for much easier reading and printing.

The vintage text with the pattern is amusing –helpfully outlining colour choices and extolling the virtues of showing off your crochet skills, but in a self-depreciating way-so dated!