WZ171 Late 1930s Rabbit Elephant and Horse knitted Toys
Vintage Knit Knitting Pattern PDF 00171


KNITTING: Three quirky and very vintage knitted toys. These are all so evocative of late 30s early 40s (pre WW2 era). The patterns are simple but no tension gauge or specific size is given. I estimate Meg is about 12 inches(30cm) so-an average size soft toy. All three toys are knitted with “Lystwist”. It is referred to in the text as “cotton”- but seems to have been more like a rayon mix perle type crochet yarn, [from modern images I have seen].

 “Meg” is a knitted with lots of personality, in her striped culottes and dainty shoes, in two fashionable colours. Bunnies were the prime cuddle before teddies “arrived”.

 “Jim” is a sweet, little knitted toy horse; a little chunky but very cuddley.

 “Jum”-short for Jumbo; a really traditional toy elephant-lovely for a nursery; or anyone who likes elephants! He is knitted but had crochet discs as feet-so you will need to improvise knitted discs.